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Best Fitness wearables are saving our lives


Fitness Wearables in our lives Trackers dong more than track your steps now and Lots of Wearables can also measure your heart rate, which helps them to determine how many calories we burn during our workout. They also may be able to alert you to some serious health conditions brewing. Thing that happened

Check Sashimi pizza with taste of edible flowers


Sashimi Pizza of edible flowers We Considering the push for photogenic food, it makes sense that the edible flowers are making their way into everyday dishes and drinks in our foods. This food name is floral flavors , It is one of the top trends for 2018, saying that petals can make

You’ve never heard about of these Natural Wonders


Natural Wonders You’ve heard about Machu Picchu and Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, but as tourism increases in these well-trodden destinations, travelers are seeking out lesser known but its stunning destinations to escape the heavy traffic. Reaching these natural wonders more rewarding due to their remote locations and the tranquil setting with

The Rave culture lifestyle techno pop


Rave Culture Phenomenon Movement never really died out, It made something of a comeback on the pop culture scene in 2012. Over the past few months ago, the trend has resurfaced and re-evolved in Europes and American cities, large or small, and on their outskirts. The rave phenomenon was often singled out

Smartphone Honor 7X of 4gb RAM


Smartphone Honor 7x Honor 7x comes with a 5.93-inch touchscreen display and resolution of 1080 pixels by 2160 pixels. Smartphone  Honor 7X was launched in October 2017. This phone is a 1.7GHz octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone comes with 32GB of internal storage that

Smart display of Lenovo feels like a sleeker


Lenovo Smart Display Lenovo’s Google Assistant-powered Smart Display feels like a sleeker and its more attractive. Launching along with other Google Assistant-equipped on monday displays from LG, Sony and JBL, the Lenovo Smart Display features either an 8 or 10 inch screen. you'll be able to issue voice commands to Lenovo's Smart Displays. Say the word and you can

Without Human Data, Manmade Intelligence Will Take a Leap Forward


Manmade intelligence AlphaGo Zero within 40 days became better than any human or artificial player ever existed.  It did so without any human data as input and purely played against itself. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. In 2018, this will just proceed and we will see more cases

The latest health obsession by Personalized ‘bespoke’ vitamins


Personalized bespoke vitamins More than half of Americans take vitamins or other dietary supplements, as per The Council for Responsible Nutrition, and in 2015 alone, they burned through $21 billion on them, as per Health Line. So it's nothing unexpected that a rash of new companies are attempting to get into

Foods Non-traditional cuts of meat and Heritage meats


Non-traditional cuts of meat The National Restaurant Association says meat will be just as crucial this year. Although 2017 saw a rise in the plant-based diet. The association named new cuts of meat like shoulder tender, oyster steak, Vegas strip steak, and Merlot cut, the top trend for 2018.   Heritage Meats The cut of meat

In travels, South Korea is on the Rise


Travels of South Korea Winter Olympics 2018  are sure to put South Korea on the map when Pyeongchang takes the world stage in February, there are plenty of other reasons for travelers to start flocking to South Korea. Temples, palaces, cherry blossoms, and street food (read: kimchi) are just the beginning and