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Everyday Hawaiian food


Traditional Hawaiian food dishes

Pacific Polynesian islands has Many traditional Hawaiian foods are dishes originally brought over.

Though now the islands of Hawaii include a diverse demographic of ethnicities all adding their own flavors, there still remains a vibrant following of traditional favorites – the true tastes of Hawaii.



Poi Food

Poi is a thick paste made from taro root (similar to a yam or potato but with a starchy-er flavor) that is either steamed or baked and pounded. While pounding, water is added to the mixture to create a very sticky pudding like consistency.

it’s starchy and slightly sour from the light fermentation in the preparation process. I personally can’t get enough poi while I’m in Hawaii, but I can understand that the flavor and texture does get some getting used to.



Hawaiian Laulau food

Taro is a well respected plant, not only in Hawaii, but also throughout Polynesia and the Pacific islands. While poi is made from the taro root, laulau is made from the leaves.

Traditional Hawaiian food would not be complete without a dish known as laulau — it’s one of my personal favorite dishes on this Hawaiian food list.



Hawaiian Poke food

Instead of slicing the fish thin like for Japanese sashimi, Hawaiian poke is served in bite sized hearty cubes. The most common type of fish is ahi (tuna), but a number of other kinds of fresh saltwater fish are also very commonly used.


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