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Latest Top Technologies in 2018


Trending Technologies

Change is the only constant. This applies in your professional life as well. Up-scaling yourself is a need nowadays, the reason is pretty simple, technology is evolving very quickly. I have listed top 10 trending technologies, which is expected to acquire a huge market in 2018.

So, lets make a new year resolution to master any one of the below technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Cloud Computing
  • Angular and React
  • DevOps
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Intelligent Apps (I – Apps)
  • Big Data
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA (Robotic Process Automation):

  • Generally, any desk job in any industry involves tasks that are dull in nature and can be computerized.
  • RPA or Robotic Process Automation enables you to mechanize such daily schedule and redundant errands.
  • You don’t have to compose any code to mechanize dreary tasks.

In 2018, the trend of bots and machine learning is just going to soar, which implies RPA will turn into a significant ability to have.


Big Data:

Hadoop Training: Explore the Curriculum to Master Big Data and Hadoop.

Big data alludes to issues that are related with processing and storing away different kinds of data. The vast majority of the organizations today, depend on big data examination to increase tremendous understanding about their:

  • customer,
  • product research,
  • marketing activities and some more.

For your amazement, big data drove Germany to win the world cup.

Hadoop and Spark are the two most famous frameworks for tackling Big Data issues.

On the off chance that you as of now have some information of Big Data, awesome! If not, right now is an ideal opportunity to begin.


Intelligent Apps (I – Apps):

  • I-Apps are pieces of programming written for mobile devices dependent on artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation, aimed at making regular undertakings easier.
  • This involves tasks like organizing and prioritizing emails, scheduling meetings, logging interactions, content, and so on. Some familiar models of I-Apps are Chatbots and virtual assistants.

As these applications become more popular, they will come with promise of jobs and fat paychecks.


Internet of Things (IoT):

  • Another buzzword that never again remains a buzzword yet has turned into an undeniable innovation biological community in itself.
  • IoT basically is interfacing numerous gadgets and making a virtual system where everything works consistently by means of a solitary checking focal point of sorts.
  • IoT is a giant network of associated gadgets – all of which assemble and share information about how they are utilized and the conditions in which they are worked.

This includes everything from your:

  • mobile phones,
  • refrigerator,
  • washing machines to almost everything that you can think of.

With IoT, we can have smart cities with optimized:

  • traffic system,
  • efficient waste management and
  • energy use.




This is the odd one out in the list. It’s anything but an innovation, yet a technique.

DevOps is a system that guarantees that both the improvement and activities go as an inseparable unit. DevOps cycle is picturized as an unending circle speaking to mix of designers and task groups by:

  • automating infrastructure,
  • workflows and
  • continuously measuring application performance.

It is essentially the process of continual improvement, so why not begin with yourself.


Angular and React:

  • Angular and React are JavaScript based Frameworks for making current web applications.
  • Utilizing React and Angular one can make very secluded web application. In this way, you don’t have to experience a considerable measure of changes in your code base for including another element.
  • Angular and React additionally enables you to make local portable application with a similar JS, CSS and HTML learning.
  • Best part – Open source library with exceptionally dynamic network bolster.


Cloud Computing:

  • This one is a veteran.
  • Most different technologies on this list are alive simply because of the expansion of distributed computing.
  • By allowing companies to save money, and clients to streamline their registering needs, Cloud Computing is a standout amongst the most inclining advancements that will remain well known in 2018, no ifs ands or buts.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

  • Virtual is genuine! VR and AR, the twin technologies that let you encounter things in virtual, that are to a great degree near genuine, are today being utilized by businesses of all sizes. Be that as it may, the hidden innovation can be very mind boggling.
  • Medical students use AR innovation to rehearse medical procedure in a controlled domain.
  • VR then again, opens up more current roads for gaming and intuitive showcasing.



  • This is the tech that powers bitcoins, the whole new parallel currency that has taken over the world.
  • Interestingly, blockchain as a technology has far reaching potential in everything from healthcare to elections to real estate to law enforcement.


Artificial Intelligence (AI):

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  • AI existed even before the web was conceived, yet it is presently that the information preparing and process control spine ended up solid enough to manage a whole innovation without anyone else’s input.
  • AI is wherever today, from your cell phones to your autos to your home to your managing an account foundation.
  • It is the new ordinary, something the world can’t manage without.


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