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One Should Try These Kitchen Items


Prestige Popcorn maker

A real good machine with minimum effort required to have delicious popcorns. Works with act2 as well as normal corn. worth spending the money.


The more delicious, crunchier, healthier popcorn is here. Make great tasting popcorn with Prestige popcorn maker. with esteem popcorn maker you can pop unique flavors of popcorn in your kitchen inside minutes. while its non stick searing bowl and turning arm pops great tasting corn uniformly, the cover pairs as serving bowl making it simple to clean. Proceed! Give your kids the food they adore. Presently in a more delicious, crunchier, healthier way.

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SToK Air Fryer 2.6 Litre 1350-Watt with Smart Rapid Air Technology & Double Layer Grill


This is the first time using an Airfryer. Bought it for my mom for roasting veggies to prevent smoke inhalation. We straightaway tried roasting Aloo (potato), Arbi (taro), Bindi (ladies finger) etc and all came out crisp and very well in just 10 mins @ 180 degrees temp. Then we tried making Pakoras, Baigan Baja, Bajji, etc and all came out super duper well. This is the cheapest air fryer and does the job so well. No supervision generally needed. Just set the right temperature and time – this you will learn by experience.

You really don’t need oil to air fry anything. But to improve taste you can use virgin olive oil using a brush to coat your veggies. For pakoras and such we use a teaspoon of ghee mixed into the batter and this greatly improves the taste. One of the disadvantage of air fryer is it reduces moisture content fast. So if you eat Aloo fry immediately it tastes very good. But after an hour same will be hard. So sprinkling some extra water on the veggies before tossing them into the air fryer helps!


Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster


Esteem Sandwich Makers – Delicious toasted and flame broiled sandwiches are currently simple to make. Prepare healthy and tasty sandwiches in the convenience of your kitchen. The non-stick covered plates need less oil while toasting making the sandwich healthy and are easier to clean as well. Look over a wide range of Prestige Sandwich Makers to add a touch of class and convenience to your kitchen. Fixed Grill plates. Separable oil collector. Exquisite steel-top completion body. Non-stick warming plates. Temperature control. 1500 watts power.

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Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop


I think its a Awesome product by Pigeon in just under 15oo, Quality wise it is became better if Pigeon wants, otherway Induction is awesome, i buy it second time and last is working but broken in an accident thats y i buy it again bcoz reasonable price and similar like many companies like Bajaj-Philips-and more, Dont Think GO FOR IT.

It’s durability is good and easy to use by the way of simple switches. Since its light weight it can be ported to any where and journey in air will not cost much for its weight.

Overall it’s nice product.easy to carry & easy to use.. Good option who r living alone for job or study.. No need for LPG or PNG.. Even you can take it where u travel… If u travel frequently & u don’t want to go for a fast food or hotel food. U can make it on ur own.

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Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard


SLICE ANY PIZZA LIKE A PRO – This pizza cutter will leave you stunned with the fact that it is so easy to get a pleasant, clean sliced through your pizza. With its ergonomic handle and immaculate completion, you won’t need to decrease and forward and you get the opportunity to keep your toppings where they have a place – on your pizza.

Splendid DESIGN THAT PROTECTS YOUR HANDS FROM CUTS – Unlike those antiquated took care of pizza cutters, this little yet amazing pizza slicer has a defensive sharp edge guard that you can without much of a stretch close when it isn’t utilize. Never stress over your children getting their hands cut again.

Overly SHARP AND FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND – Why waste cash on massive pizza rockers that don’t fit in your kitchen cupboard when you can essentially get this unique design that effectively fits in your grasp and furthermore in your cutlery cabinet.

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Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Chopper


Easy cleaning: Blades, bowl and storage cover are top-rack dishwasher safe, components fall to pieces for easy cleaning. Powerful and flexible: Just put every one of the ingredients into the container at once and force a few times.

The product is decent and looks tough. Slashes vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum and so on actually fine in a flash. However time will tell how long it lasts as in my earlier experience with a different brand the string and holder gave away sooner or later.

Tough 3-blade configuration produced using Stainless Steel. Made from unbreakable ABS plastic for enduring use. Unique string function to chop vegetables and natural products with ease. Eco-accommodating plan, no power required.

Decent product by nova. Easy to utilize and makes your kitchen prep work bother free. Works incredible for onions, garlic, carrots, tomato like veggies. Finely slashes them and you may even get tomato unadulterated with this. Result for Leafy vegetables not upto the mark.

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Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt


The advanced appliance from Kent allows you to boiled eggs in 3 different modes – hard, medium and soft. Kent Egg Boiler is easy to operate, you should simply put the eggs in the appliance, include suitable quantity of water and select the ideal mode.

If you are a gym lover so go for it !! You can also steam chicken bosom too!! This is really helpfull but in the wake of utilizing some time or another this will take some additional time but doesn’t make a difference!! By and large it’s really great!!

Kent Egg evaporator accompanies a one-contact operation which makes it easy to operate the appliance with no hassles. The machine will kill automatically when the eggs are boiled.

Kent Egg heater accompanies a one-contact operation which makes it easy to operate the appliance with no hassles. The machine will kill automatically when the eggs are boiled.

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Libra BL520 0.5-Litre Ice-Cream Maker


QUICK and EFFICIENT:: Powerful motor and the unique paddle design mixes more efficiently to make ice cream in less than 30 minutes

COMPACT DESIGN and Good Capacity:: Makes up to 1.5 litres of Ice cream of your favourite Ice cream and has a Compact design at the same time

SIMPLE and EASY CLEANING:: By Simply Removing the Top Cover, You can Separate the Upper Lid from the Motor and Clean it Very Easily

PERFECT RESULTS EVERYTIME:: Double insulated bowl and the reverse thermostat mechanism helps to ensure that you get yummy ice cream every time

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Ganesh Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Cutter With Chop Blade & Cleaning Tool,White


Made from unbreakable plastic and superior stainless steel. Easy to clean with the detachable container. Non-skid feet and easy to handle.

This is a nice kitchen utility. I was a bit unsure initially because of some reviewers saying it’s difficult to clean, but once I started using it, I’ve found it to be very convenient to chop soft vegetables quickly and hardly require the bundled cleaning tool either. The catch here is to clean it as soon as you’re done using it; if you leave the stuck up pieces to dry for a long time and then try to clean it, it’s going to give you a tough time.

Of course this cannot be used to chop up everything; one has to use their own judgement. It has it’s limitations. Some hard items need to be sliced before they can be chopped using this device; it still saves time when one needs finely chopped veggie cube-lets.

Excellent product in terms of quality. The plastic body is very strong unlike most available in the market and the blades although looked a bit rusty was sharp and easy while chopping. If the company continues to make such products and at such prices, it would be the end of the Chinese stuffs. Suggest the company to keep innovating and upgrading, but an excellent product anyway.

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Luxafare 2 Layer Kitchen Dish Rack Plate Cutlery Stand Kitchen Utensils Rack Spoon Knife Holder Stand Modern Kitchen Storage Rack


Elegant design keeps all your glass dishes and little table products all together, which will abstain from knocking and scratching. Ideal for home kitchen use.

Product Features Holds up to 17 plates or bowls To suit a few place settings.

Great stainless steel, not at all like chrome completed material, sustenance grade 18/10 treated steel wipes out rust, erosion, acids and soluble base damages to ensure dependable durability.

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Lifetime Wire Products Chakla Belan Stand


A compact product which can be mounted on the wall and can beautifully hold the chakla and belan.This is very good option to keep your chakla belan in proper way.

– Wall mount is designed to ensure easy installation.
– No Ugly screws visible after installation.
– Innovative product made in India from Austenic Stainless Steel.
– Coated with multi-layer chrome plating that is tested to ensure a rust free life of the product.
– The mount easily allows cleaning of product & tiles.

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Emeret wooden natural bamboo kitchen chopping cutting slicing board for fruits vegetables meat with chef knife combo


  • HELPS IN HYGENIC COOKING:Makes a great chopping and serving board. Easy to clean and maintain. No other wood resists moisture like bamboo. It has bacteria-free surface to offer a safe and hygienic cooking experience.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Bamboo Cutting Chopping Board is Made from High Quality Bamboo and Using Advanced Techniques.
  • DURABLE:This wooden chopping board is sturdy and durable. Cutting Board allows more space for chopping, cutting and slicing.
  • ECO FRIENDLY:This eco -friendly board is very attractive, durable and natural board helps us to have a perfect cut for chopping and slicing the vegetables , fruits, bread, meat, cheese, Pizza, fishes ,etc., and also serve in the same board itself.

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ShopToShop Vegetable Cutter with Peeler, Multicolored (Set of 2)


  • Helpful And Comfortable To Use And Maintain
  • Bundle Contents: 2-Piece Vegetable Cutter with Peeler
  • Smooth And Compact Design Allows Easy Storage, Occupying Very Small Space
  • Brisk To Cut Accurate Pieces Of Vegetable And Some Fruits Easy Manual Wash And Dry After Wash

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KSTAR™ Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Storage Holder Chef Rack Strip Utensil Kitchen Tool (13 Cms)


This magnetic knife rack uses durable and powerful neodymium magnets (N42) used for industrial settings, it will make sure this knife magnet bar can hold the normal kitchen and garage accessories without worrying about them

Best Magnetic Knife Rack will enable you to compose your knife set in an efficient and smooth manner. Never again take up remarkable amount of counter space with a massive knife block, but mount the slight, smooth attractive knife rack to the divider or cupboard to allow for more space sparing ability. Each knife rack is furnished with one attractive strips on a tough dainty aluminum frame. Essentially mount to a divider or bureau with the included divider mounting screws and dry divider grapples.

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LUMONY Original Clever Cutter – 2 in 1 Superior Quality Kitchen Knife with Spring Action – Cleaver Cutter Comes with Locking Hinge


  • Slicing, cutting and chopping is made simpler with this extraordinary blend of food chopper and cutting board.
  • Premium import quality stainless steel is utilized to make the extraordinary sharp edges.
  • Unique slicing, cutting and chopping answer for your kitchen
  • Just think how many kitchen blades and cutlery this single tool can replace. You get the thought!

Smart Cutter will upset your kitchen with the way it chops through anything in a moment or two. It’s premium design that incorporates pressure handle with spring empowers quicker cutting. This is the correct time to buy shrewd cutter in India. Natural products, meats, veggies or bread – it’s premium blade and wide mouth makes it simpler for Indian ladies to have extreme experience of kitchen authority that is quick and wreckage free.

The blade is made of premium tempered steel and handle is made of A-grade plastic giving you perfect combo of splendid design, proficiency and adequacy. This is perfect kitchen apparatus in India to make perfect servings of mixed greens, kabobs and substantially more.

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Anjali Cut-N-Wash Delux Chopping Board, Brown


The Deluxe Cut N Wash has an innovative design and an easy to use approach. This chopping board has a blade attached to it which makes cutting and chopping a simpler procedure. The extended washing plate with amesh design attached to it allows you to quick wash and empty the water out of the vegetables. This is surely a helpful gadget which will end up being exceedingly useful in each home.

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Dynore Stainless Steel Lemon Juicer, 270 ml, Silver


  • Made of stainless steel, the citrus juicer comes with a filter to strain pits
  • The base has a spout for easy pouring, great for juicing and cooking



Karp Polypropylene Plastic Reusable Ice Pop Mold (Pink) – Set of 6


Easy to Use and Clean: The ice pop forms designed for easy to use and clean, totally non-stick and dishwasher safe. Shields flies from tipping while in the meantime solidifying, after solidified individual pops fit immaculately in cooler to spare space.

Solidified Treats Year Round: Enjoy Delicious Frozen Treats In Your Favorite Flavors At Home – Litchi, Mango, Strawberry, Water Melon, Grapes, Nutella-Milk, Yogurt, Tender Coconut – Mint, Tang, Litchi-Strawberry, Orange-Water Melon – The Choices Of Flavors Are Endless

Customers Are Delighted With These Ice Popsicle Mold’s: Plenty of customers have started making ice sticks at home with the comfort of juice and unadulterated water for the family, You’ll be so happy you obtained these ice popsicle molds which can be reused different events.

No Sticky Hands: Sturdy solidified popsicle molds base evaluations 16.5Cm X 14.8Cm X 14cm, Single Mold Size: 15.6Cm X 6.5Cm X 3Cm. The handles feature manufactured – in dribble watchman to keep hands and garments clean while acutely designed shape make it easy for solidified fly to slide out of form.

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Slings Plastic Dinner Set for Kitchen-32 Pcs


  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Full Plate 6 Pcs, Quarter Plate 6 Pcs, Veg Bowl 12 Pcs, Rice Plate 1 Pc, Serving Bowl 2 Pcs, Serving Bowl Lid 2 Pcs, Serving Spoon 2 Pcs, Serving Laddle 1 Pc.
  • MATERIAL : Made of Virgin Reinforced Polypropylene, a 100% Safe & Food Grade Plastic Material.
  • DURABILITY : Safe for use in Microwave, Refrigerator, Freezer, and Dishwasher (top rack) Can be used straight from the fridge to the microwave for reheating and serving.
  • COLOUR : Printed White, For regular use and gifting purposes.Print may be of Pink, Blue color on white base. NOTE- its a light weigt dinner as made of PP

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Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 3 litres, Silver


Make heavenly dinners with the assistance of this Pressure Cooker from Prestige. It is designed with sturdy handles and a metallic safety fitting to make your tryst with this household apparatus increasingly reliable and safe.

Gasket-discharge System

Try not to stress over the steam being stopped up, as this apparatus keeps safety as a need with the assistance of the Gasket-discharge System.

Made Using Virgin Aluminum

This pressure cooker ensures most extreme safety as it is made utilizing fine quality Virgin Aluminum.

Metallic Safety Plug to Release Pressure

Hesitant to go close to the pressure cooker? This pressure cooker discharges abundance steam when the pressure ascends to ensure more safety.

Sturdy Handles

The sturdy handles of this pressure cooker are easy to hold and keep up. The body handle is made with two screws, consequently enhancing its strength.

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Chef’s Garage 2 Slot Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Diamond Coated Wheel – for Straight and Serrated Knives


  • Top Chefs Preferred Product: 100% high quality contrasted with the first class products available in the market.
  • Solid, Ergonomic and Stylish: Its ergonomic design provides most extreme comfort and simple grip.
  • Simple to operate, Versatile and Completely Safe: Place the dull edge in the honing opening and move it back a few times. What’s more, inside seconds, you will get the razor sharpness to your blade.

If you want to restore the sharpness of old knives then “Chef’s Garage” is the perfect choice. It has two wheels – both of which help to sharpen the knife. 1. First Wheel is actually diamond coated coarse sharpening section. This wheel provides a double edge finish which will last much longer than the current one. It is actually titled slightly at an angle so that when the knife is pulled, the edges will be sharpened each side of the knife. 2.

The second wheel is known as ceramic system which is designed to sharpen the knife. Apart from that, it also repairs small nicks and imperfections present on the edge of the knife. This is section is also suitable for sharpening serrated knives. All you have to do is pull the knife through this space until you are satisfied with the sharpness. This section can be also be used to polish the straight edged knifes after it is sharpened in the first wheel. Both the wheels have equally important functionality. For providing top-notch product, we have used only high quality materials and tested for excellence.

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Milton Thermosteel Excel 2000 Casserole, 2L, Steelplain


Milton’s Caesar Casseroles are engineered in double-walled steel to keep food hot and fresh-tasting for hours. Featuring outer and inner stainless steel walls, this insulated container is simple to use, and elegantly designed to take centre-stage at your dining table.


  • Double-walled stainless steel casserole with double walled stainless steel lids
  • Keeps food hot for hours
  • Integrated handle allows for easy carrying
  • Contemporary brushed-steel finish


JRP MART Clear Crystal(300 ml) – Set of 6


  • 100% Unleaded Crystal Glass
  • Set of six ( 6 ) crystal glasses
  • Ideal for Whiskey / Water / Juice / Cocktails / Mocktails


Rolex S012 Aluminium Springform Round Cake Mould Cake Bakeware Pan


  • Shape is very helpful to use and is now a favorite in a large portion of the kitchens
  • 3 Pcs Mold, Size in cm: Smal – Weight: 190 gms, Cake Capacity: 500 gms approximately. Medium – Weight: 220 gms, Cake Capacity: 750 gms approximately. Substantial – Weight: 250 gms, Cake Capacity: 1000 gms approximately
  • It comes helpful especially for parties when you need to heat in colossal numbers. Ideal for cakes


Lifelong LLGS09 Glass top Gas stove, 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black/Grey


Show signs of improvement at multi-tasking utilizing one of the gas stoves installed with multiple burners. These gas stoves are an unquestionable requirement have in each kitchen to add speed to cooking. Safe, efficient and helpful to use, each piece is intended to keep going long. A one-stop-shop for home stylistic layout and furniture, Pepperfry sells a home product at regular intervals.


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